Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge



The Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge was developed with the support and contributions of 12 experienced legal, judicial, and industry leaders. An additional 14 select reviewer from three countries also provided critical feedback to produce this important Body of Knowledge for the development of a standard for investigating cybercrimes.
The CIBOK (1st edition) made its debut in November 2016 with the approval of the CIBOK Steering Committee and is available in print.
The objective of the CIBOK is to coordinate and demonstrate the knowledge, techniques and attitudes required for cybercrime investigation; including the systematic management of cybercrime investigative resources and staff.

The CIBOK is organized according to the following five objectives:

  1. Popularizing and promoting a global commonsense and consistent approach to cybercrime investigations.
  2. Positioning of systematized practices for defining the scope of cybercrime investigations.
  3. Characterizing through demonstration the content that should be put into practice in cybercrime investigations.
  4. Providing structural guidance for utilizing CIBOK as an investigation asset to plan, conduct, and review cybercrime investigations.
  5. Demonstrating the organizational and individual skills and knowledge development needed for cybercrime investigations.

The CIBOK is intended for these readers:

  1. Investigators who are interested to learn cybercrime investigation techniques.
  2. Persons in charge of forming and commissioning in-house cybercrime investigation teams.
  3. Executives responsible for leading cybercrime investigation teams.
  4. Leaders in charge of human resource development for technical risk management needs of an organization.

CIBOK objectives and application

  • Determine the current capabilities of an organization


    • Objectively evaluate capabilities to requirements
    • Define and optimize information systems in an organization
    • Determine through measurement the maturity of an organization
  • Review department requirements


    • Determine roles, duties, and staff needed
    • Review business process requirements by risk tolerance and impact
    • Develop training and staffing plans
  • Fulfill professional requirements


    • Develop self-awareness of their own role
    • Pursue associated skills development
    • Understand career path

About CIBOK Editorial Committee

A steering committee of industry and legal professionals formed in 2016 with the goal of helping to protect ICT (Information and Communication Technology) assets and operations of society from cybercrime. To achieve that goal, the CIBOK 1st Edition was produced with the support of Dr. Shane Shook as executive editor. Dr. Shook coordinated the definition of the CIBOK structure and content with thought leaders and experienced practitioners from around the world. Their individual and collective experiences included traditional criminal investigations, litigation, and prosecution – as well as public and private sector cyber security breach investigations and response.
The guiding principle throughout the development of the CIBOK was to produce a useful “body of knowledge” from contributors’ experience so that professionals in the field - including law enforcement officers, judiciary, and corporate risk management staff – could have a definitive reference for conducting efficient and actionable investigations of cybercrimes. To support this principle, specific examples of knowledge, skills, techniques, and human resources requirements were expanded upon with examples to provide a method of knowledge transfer for organizational training.
The CIBOK Steering Committee will evolve to adapt to global requirements with the participation of industry and law enforcement professionals. Contributions, and participation, are welcomed.

Executive Editor

  • Shane Shook
    Shane Shook Well-known veteran of information security with nearly 30 years of experience in government and industry Information risk management issues.


  • Judith H. Germano
    Judith H. Germano The founding member of Germano Law LLC, a law firm specializing in cybersecurity governance and data privacy issues.
  • Craig W. Sorum
    Craig W. Sorum A 25-year veteran of the FBI who conducted and supervised hundreds of domestic and international cybercrime investigations.
  • David Cowen
    David Cowen A Certified SANS Instructor, CISSP, and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner working in digital forensics and incident response.
  • Patrick A. Westerhaus
    Patrick A. Westerhaus A veteran FBI investigator and former Big4 Auditor, now at Wells Fargo, developing an enterprise program to reduce cyber, fraud, and money laundering risk for the institution.
  • Chris Coulter
    Chris Coulter A forensic examiner and incident responder of computer crimes investigations. A patent holder in methods of evidence acquisition.
  • Eric Zimmerman
    Eric Zimmerman A senior director in Kroll’s Cyber Security and Investigations practice and former FBI Special Agent with a tremendous depth and expertise in cyber investigations.
  • Noriaki Hayashi
    Noriaki Hayashi A Senior Researcher of Trend Micro Incorporated in Japan with more than 17 years of systems management and security experience.
  • Luke Dembosky
    Luke Dembosky A partner in Debevoise & Plimpton’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy group who has been a regular advisor to the leadership of the DOJ and theFBI.
  • John Jolly
    John Jolly President of Syncurity and the former Vice President of the Cyber Security Division at General Dynamics.
  • Philip Fodchuk
    Philip Fodchuk Formerly of the Canadian RCMP and Big4 Audit firms, now at Suncor, maturing and enhancing the information security and cyber investigations capabilities of the organization.
  • Ian (Iftach) Amit
    Ian (Iftach) Amit An Expert with vast experience in information security- from enterprise security to end user software and large back-end systems.


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